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Hey Everyone!

my name is Simon and welcome to my blog.

You’re currently on my homepage but if you wish to directly skip to my blog posts, just click on the option in the menu on top and it’ll take you there. If you wish to find out a little more about what I write, then continue to read ahead. And if you wish to find out more about me as an individual, then click on the About Me button.

I write stories and poems and sometimes even rant on topics that most people try to avoid. So if you’re new here, hello! Thank you for coming on this journey with me where my mind dwells on the deep, dark, philosophical, abstract place that is the human mind.

WARNING: These posts will definitely go in wild directions and will include anything and everything that comes into my head. It may talk about unconventional topics as well as cliched subjects but this doesn’t mean it will be improper in any form but rather will express unorthodox viewpoints.

So I write. I write about murder, loneliness, misunderstandings and every sinister aspect our minds deal with.

The basis of this blog is to keep my brain cells alive and hopefully update more often and maintain a schedule. If I don’t upload once a month at the very least, I give you the right to shout at me and annoy me until I do. Please.

And while I may write about rather scary things, I promise I’m a nice person who enjoys listening and solving people’s problems. So feel free to talk to me, I swear I don’t bite. You can see how to contact me by clicking on the Contact Me button in the menu.

Bye Xx,



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